What’s Different About Lucas E³

We Make Change Easy for Ethanol Plants

Using field experience in plant management, process engineering, design, capital investment projects, and operations, we aim to better equip ethanol plants in making improvements for their unique plant.

Larger ethanol design firms often place a heavy investment in their research and development, which entices currently operating plants to make improvements with a hefty price tag. In many cases, an ethanol plant could make substantial improvements to their plant at a much lower cost or with a much quicker return on investment. At Lucas E³, our recommendations are designed with this need in mind - ethanol plants thrive on our recommendations, especially knowing that our advice is in their best interest.

We Deliver Affordable Solutions to Ethanol.

Over the years, we have encountered many ethanol plants that could dramatically improve profitability without expansion - simply by modifying certain sub-systems to reduce cost and increase the quality of their product. Our team is small, but all members are highly qualified. This means fewer costs passed to our clients. We’re selling a unique service with a high level of talent and at a good price.

We Advocate for Your Success.

We respect the freedom of ethanol plant management to accept our advice for what it is. Our team is available to help with project management or to assist with implementation in numerous other ways. But in the end, you decide how you’d like to implement our recommendations.

We Innovate.

We’re not only looking for improvements to today’s technology, but we’re cooking up ideas of our own. Our team remains heavily engaged in the current dialogue of ethanol engineering and production, so our solutions are unique – and there is more to be had. We see ethanol’s bright future and we want to be a catalyst for this progress.

Lucas E³ is not affiliated with any construction firm.