Electronically Modifiable Piping + Instrumentation Diagrams

Attention Plant Management

OSHA (1910.119(d)(3)(i)(B) may never ask for plant P+IDs during your tenure. But then again, they might. Avoiding citations is only one reason your P+IDs should be in order.

Why This May Apply To You

The following four scenarios might indicate a need for Lucas E³ electronically modifiable P+ID Diagrams.

  1. You’ve never seen a set of P+IDs for your plant.
  2. Your plant has a set of P+IDs but they are critically out of date.
  3. You have no way of modifying the P+IDs when implementing new processes or technology.
  4. Your resources are way to busy to modify P+IDs.

How Much Do P+IDs Cost

The fee to create a full set of electronically modifiable P+IDs is $750 per page. Typically, it takes 40 pages to complete. A site visit is sometimes required but most work can be done remotely.

What Do You Get

  • Complete set of P+IDs in AutoCAD® format
  • Two binder-bound hardcopies
  • You decide which equipment numbering system will be used
  • All components will be depicted including
    • Grain milling
    • Major process systems
    • Chemical storage and unloading systems
    • Utilities
    • Tank farm and load-out systems

Lucas E³ is not affiliated with any construction firm.