Ethanol Plant Performance Evaluation

If your ethanol plant is more than five years old and/or isn’t producing more than 125% nameplate capacity – then, getting an ethanol plant evaluation is a great next step. Every evaluation we perform is fully customized to your plant and can unlock the potential for:

  1. Higher quality and higher production ethanol,
  2. Increased water sustainability, and/or
  3. Increased revenue through co-product development.

Lucas E³ has over a decade of experience in working in and designing ethanol plants and our commitment to the industry is unmatched. Our expertise in the field goes beyond just a part of the process; we’ve developed and tested process improvements and plant expansions that touch every part of the plant – from milling, to fermentation, distillation and more.

What You Can Expect

A typical evaluation is developed on-site at your facilities and would include a review of standard ethanol processing equipment – from corn milling to DDG decanters. We use a combination of interviews and equipment analysis to gather data about production, capacity, and processes at your plant. Here is what you can expect from us: 

  1. Comprehensive production and capacity report, with efficiency analysis
  2. A full model of your plant, depicting your plant’s current production potential
  3. Recommended improvement projects for your plant
  4. Complete risk and value assessment for each improvement project
  5. Estimated engineering fees and installation costs, by recommended project

How Much Does An Evaluation Cost

A typical Ethanol Plant Performance Evaluation fee is approximately $10,000, plus reasonable and actual expenses. This includes the on-site visit to meet with you and your operating staff and gather required information and data.

Add-On Services*

While not ideal for every plant, we specialize in evaluating other sections of an ethanol plant. Let us know if your plant should need any of these services:

  1. Cooling System Evaluation
  2. Water Treatment System Evaluation
  3. CIP System Evaluation
  4. DDG Dryer Evaluation

*These are packages that would be customized to the needs of your plant, and upon request ONLY. These evaluations are not included in the standard ethanol plant evaluation.

* Lucas E³ provides installation costs as a customer courtesy only, as we are not affiliated with any construction firm.