Lucas E³ Our Services

Most small to mid-sized ethanol plant managers don’t have an engineer on staff. That’s where we come in.

Having acquired years of experience at all levels of plant operations and management, we have developed an affordable pricing system for our clients. Not only that, we are developing ideas of our own about how to get the most out of your ethanol production and processes.

Ethanol Plant Performance Evaluation

Every evaluation we perform is fully customized to your plant and can help us identify ways to ensure your plant is producing more than 125% nameplate capacity and amongst the highest efficiency in the industry.

Process Improvement Engineering Packages

Based on our findings in your plant’s Ethanol Plant Performance Evaluation, we can develop specific engineering packages that are designed to help your plant improve by boosting ethanol yield, increasing quality, reducing costs, increasing production capacity, and/or growing revenue. We can also perform a wide variety of services to ensure your documentation is up-to-date.

Capital Investment Project Development

We have experienced, impartial advocates on hand to help you identify the needs, risks, project constraints, and requirements. Our team is also available to help identify partners, contractors, and personnel to oversee logistics of your next improvement project. When the project is implemented, you can also look to our engineers to oversee Process Safety Management updates.

Technology Value Assessment

Lucas E³ has established relationships with many technology providers and is aware of how certain technologies are performing in the industry. When ethanol plant managers are faced with making the best decision for their plant, they often turn to Lucas E³ for a trusted, impartial, professional opinion and review of the proposed technology.

Lucas E³ is not affiliated with any construction firm.