Capital Investment Project Development and Management

Lucas E³ will accept project management work for the projects we recommend to our clients. Hiring an experienced and licensed engineer to be your project manager can make any new installation or expansion project an easy task for your plant.

When you hire Lucas E³ for Project Management, proactive communication is our goal. We apply years of ethanol industry experience to our work and follow best practices for project management.

What You Can Expect

Our project manager will approach a job of any size by first defining scope, budget, timeline, etc. From that point, going forward, we work with our clients to determine the frequency and style of communication necessary to get the job done right. This could include face-to-face review meetings, remote planning, data reporting and analytics, etc.

Our project manager will perform any combination of the following for your plant:

  1. Managing budget
  2. Managing a communication plan
  3. Prepare progress reports
  4. Managing and negotiating work with sub-contractors
  5. Be single point of contact between all team members

Process Safety Management

A standard best practice after a capital investment project is implemented, our team can perform a review to ensure that your public safety management policies are current and substantial enough to meet industry safety, process management, and environmental standards.

What You Can Expect

A PSM review package typically includes:

  1. Material and Energy Balance & Process Flow Diagrams
  2. Review and recommendations to improve Standard Operation Procedures and P+IDs
  3. Ammonia handling practice review for EPA compliance
  4. Other improvement recommendations


Lucas E³ is not affiliated with any construction firm.