Baseline Operating Model

Attention Plant Management

Fine tuning a modern automobile takes specialized equipment to locate trouble spots and optimize performance. The Lucas E³ Baseline Operating Model is the equivalent diagnostic for modern ethanol plants. It’s nearly impossible to get it right without one.

Why This May Apply To You

The following four scenarios might indicate a need for a Lucas E³ Plant Operating Model.

  1. Your plant doesn’t have a current Model.
  2. Your plant has a Model but it’s out of date due to modifications over the years.
  3. Your Board wants improvement but you’ve run out of ideas.
  4. You think the plant is doing just fine but you want a third-party evaluation to show the Board.

How Much Does A Model Cost

A typical Model fee is approximately $15,000 plus reasonable and actual expenses. This includes an on-site visit to meet with you and your operating staff to gather required information and data.

What Do You Get

  • A roadmap to identify areas operating outside efficiency parameters
  • Determine the correct balance of energy use, yields, product flows and utility efficiency
  • Guidance to properly set APC software control schemes
  • Avoidance of on-going engineering fees to assess system performance

Lucas E³ is not affiliated with any construction firm.